Currency Exchange & Daily Rates

By implementing Mallabe Currencies automating currency exchange & daily rates with your third-party apps becomes a breeze, easily integrate with your Airtable, Google Sheets, Excel and other apps.Automate your accounting and lead generation purposes.

Resize & Compress Images

Use Mallabe Images to resize, compress & extract metadata to your liking, use a new width or height to redefine your image or compress images to regain lost space from your Google Drive, OneDrive, Airtable and other apps.

Empowering Website Tools

Implement Mallabe Websites to capture & generate websites thumbnails, get their status or icon for business analysis and more..

Barcodes Utilities

Generate & scan various types of barcodes such as QR code, UPC, EAN and others by implementing Mallabe Barcodes within your automated workflow..

Improve Your Lead Generation Process

Validate leads input & improve your process by checking out if an email is correct, a phone is valid or credit card can be used. Other tools available for different automation flows - URLs and IPs validation included.